The Slack Liner

Revolutionize Your Balance and Core Training



The Slack Liner initiates muscle engagement that is critical to building core strength & good balance.



The Slack Liner improves performance while also helping to prevent injury in a unique way.



The Slack Liner increases focus and concentration while engaging the brain/muscle connection.

  • Paul, 62

    I am a 62 year old male and have been using The Slackliner for over a year and have noticed the following results. Over the past several years I’ve had trouble maintaining my balance when getting dressed, especially standing and placing a leg into each trouser leg without holding on to a wall or chair to maintain my balance. Today I don’t require the assistance of an object to maintain my balance, benefit one. The other noticeable difference is that my core muscles are now stronger, harder, & more defined.  I also have better posture and confidence.  The Slackliner is a perfect device for increasing balance and core muscle strength in all ages from 9 to 90.

  • Richard, 90

    At age 90, I’m excited to find in slacklining something I can do that I would have thought not just daring, but impossible. With the help of a spotter and using hiking sticks, I could walk in mid-air on The Slack Liner. We began on the balance beam and worked through the sequence of narrower lines. I’ve improved balance, core, focus and confidence — leaving the sticks behind, even when walking the 1-inch line. I get to practice confidence at a time that poses plenty of challenges.

  • Ashley, DPT

    I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and have been using The Slack Liner for a lot of my patients of all different ages and diagnoses.  I have used The Slack Liner for my patients with balance deficits to increase core strength as well as patients who have had injuries or surgeries to the lower extremities to improve stability and strength.  I use Objective Outcome Measures upon initial evaluation, during revaluations and at Dishcharge which have showed significant improvement with implementation of The Slack Liner into their skilled physical therapy interventions and treatment.  I will continue to use The Slack Liner to benefit my patient’s outcomes for a speedier recovery.