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The Slack Liner

Slack Liner

Slack Liner

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Balance & core strength are some of the most important skills of just about every sport or activity, yet we don’t have a great way of focusing on improving them...


The Slack Liner initiates muscle engagement that is critical to building core strength & good balance!  These skills are vital for athletes in any sport. The Slack Liner stabilizes the muscles around the ankle and knee and strengthens lower back and core muscles which helps prevent injury and increases performance.  Surfers and rock climbers have been using slacklines to train for years, but all athletes can benefit greatly from this type of training as well.  

The Slack Liner improves performance while also helping to prevent injury in a unique way.  It gives the athlete a noticeable advantage over their competition.  It also increases focus and concentration while engaging the brain/muscle connection.

The unit comes with the Slack Liner, Trekking Poles, Resistance Band, and Seat.

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